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Maengun -> OWA works and yet it doesn't...... (26.Mar.2007 5:59:11 PM)

Some users can access their outlook via OWA, however most users cannot.  The only common thread I see so far is the users who can are all domain admins.  Any idea what the hangout might be?  The error we see with other users is:

A problem occurred while trying to use your mailbox. Please contact technical support for your organization.

We receive this message right after it asks you your language and timezone (almost like the account doesn't exist or something), all working users are never asked for their language and timezone.

Any help would be appreciated,

de.blackman -> RE: OWA works and yet it doesn't...... (27.Mar.2007 12:34:59 PM)

For OWA 2007, the URL will be http://servername/OWA. I noticed that if you use http://servername/Exchange for a user who has an Exchange 2007 Mailbox, it fails. From research /Exchange should be used mainly for backward compatability with Exchange 2003 mailboxes and users with Exchange 2007 mailboxes should use /OWA instead.

Hope that helps

Maengun -> RE: OWA works and yet it doesn't...... (27.Mar.2007 12:56:37 PM)

Thanks for the response, I am using https:\\oursite.com\owa to access.

The problem almost appears to be permissions but I'm unsure where I may have them wrong.  I left everything pretty much default.  I checked all users and they have OWA enabled, however only domain admins can currently access their outlook through OWA.

I did use the move feature to move the storage group to the D: drive, but I have checked all folder permissions and they are the same as they were when it was on the C: drive.  The only other thing I did was install an SSL certificate from our internal CA.  Any ideas?


de.blackman -> RE: OWA works and yet it doesn't...... (27.Mar.2007 2:47:54 PM)

Check the user account who is having a problem from AD Users and Computers. On the security tab, make sure permission inheritance checkbox is selected. Compare it with an account that does work too.

Security tab is not visible by default. To enable it go to VIEW menu in AD Users & computers and select Advanced features. the inheritance checkbox will be on the properties of the user account --> security tab --> advanced button.

If that setting has been removed, please find out why that was unchecked.

Maengun -> RE: OWA works and yet it doesn't...... (27.Mar.2007 3:10:06 PM)


You were dead on, thanks a ton the checkbox was unselected for everyone.  I assume that domain admins must override the need for that to be checked, thus they worked when no one else did.  Thanks a lot, that one had me stumped, though I figured it was permissions somewhere.


de.blackman -> RE: OWA works and yet it doesn't...... (27.Mar.2007 3:13:47 PM)

Glad that worked

[:D] Another one bites the dust [:D]

Shieldwolf_0007 -> RE: OWA works and yet it doesn't...... (6.May2015 6:22:30 AM)

Just want to share my experience with Exchange 2013

Problem: Unable to access OWA
Solution: Create a Mailbox account. Sometimes the user is present only on the AD but no Mailbox account.Go to recipients>+ or add> create Alias and choose Existing User> save

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