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exchange_help -> Event 1153 after while adding second DC (29.Mar.2007 2:16:22 PM)

While adding a second DC to an exchange enviroment the following Warning is logged in the Directory Services event log for what appears to be exchange related items:

Event 1153 Internal event: The following schema class has a superclass that is not valid (Inheratance Ignored)

Some of the warnings for classes include: (there arte lots of them) 


Are these normal  messages when adding a DC to AD which has exchange or is something wrong?

Many, many thanks in advance for any assistance.

farisnt -> RE: Event 1153 after while adding second DC (31.Mar.2007 7:16:21 AM)

You may have to wait for replication
Check this
There should be in the site and services the Automatic Created link
open the site and services and ---> Deafult-first-site-name --> Servers --> ServerName-->Click on NTDS Setting
In the right panel there should be a link that manage the replication between servers
Check the File replication EventLog to ensure that the replication is compleat and the and make sure that there is no long Like
( YouMainDCName Prevent YourNewServerName from being a domain Controller...)
and if every thing Ok
check this http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=1153&source=
Search for the source and check ..
Thanks for reading

mfletcher -> RE: Event 1153 after while adding second DC (2.Apr.2007 1:03:21 PM)

Is your Exchange server on a DC that holds the Schema Master FSMO?

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