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Mav -> OWA logon problem (3.Apr.2007 11:55:49 AM)

Hello all,

I am hoping to get a quick answer to this as I am leaving my current job and moving to a new company and this is something that I am being asked to complete before I leave.  Here is the situation.

Our company just purchased 2 Blackberry handhelds to allow a couple of managers to access their email through them.  It would normally be a simple process but for some reason the two managers in question can't access our exchange server via OWA.  I have tried resetting the protocols just in case, but still no go.  I, on the other hand, can access it without issue.  I have compared my settings to those with the two managers and I can't see anything different so I am really at a loss as to why they can't connect to OWA.  I have tried both IP address/exchange and mail.server.com/exchange to access OWA and both will still not work for them but do for me.

Please, please, please, if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks much.

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