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slash75 -> Distribution Group Reply To address? (6.Apr.2007 11:07:43 AM)

I am sure some one has spoke of this though I can't find it.

I have a distribution group we mail out to. When the recipient of the message replies, I want the reply to address to be that of the group.  This group is a global distribution list created on the server.  I have created contacts in AD and have added these outside contacts to the group.  Do I need to create a Form Mail on the server like a discussion group or is there a way to change the reply address with out have to create a new mail box and haveing some one check and send from that new box?

uemurad -> RE: Distribution Group Reply To address? (6.Apr.2007 11:46:26 AM)

You'll have to "Send As" to change the reply address, or use a 3rd-party application like:  http://www.ivasoft.biz/sendasgroup.shtml

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