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raklein -> SMTP Log Reading or Viewing Mail Activity (12.Apr.2007 4:56:43 PM)

[:)] Is there a program that I can use to simply capture the message headers of outbound email.  Ever since hackers found a way to open a relay (which is now secure) I always worry about unauthorized SMTP use.  It would be nice read a report that says Joe.Blow sent 10 messages, Sally.Sue sent 100 or even provide a list of the  messages.  I don't need the contents of the message, just who is sending them.  I worry that someone's email or system is comprimised or a port is open.  Any assistance is appreciated.

owner -> RE: SMTP Log Reading or Viewing Mail Activity (14.Apr.2007 4:25:49 AM)

You shouldn't worry about 10 smtp abusive emails. They become harmful and abusive when they count 1000 and more. I've set a 500 smtp limit for a user, in 24 hours. It doesn't solve your problem completelly, but reducing the chances of getting hurt too badly if your smtp has been compromized. 

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