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hunglikethor -> attachment frustration (15.Apr.2007 6:04:10 PM)

Despite changes everywhere I can think of (recipient mailbox mailflow settings, exchange command shell, adsiedit.msc, forefront for exchange server) I still cannot receive mail larger than 10MB:

relay=exchange2007.mmicmanhomenet.local[]:25, delay=30, delays=14/0.02/16/0, dsn=5.3.4, status=bounced (message size 11021538 exceeds size limit 10485760 of server exchange2007.mmicmanhomenet.local[])

I have consulted the following links

And followed the directions in each link to modify the settings.  I can now send 100MB files but receive still seems to be stuck at 10MB even though my exchange management shell shows different:

[PS] C:\Documents and Settings\administrator.MMICMANHOMENET>Get-TransportConfig | fl max*

MaxDumpsterSizePerStorageGroup : 18MB
MaxDumpsterTime                : 7.00:00:00
MaxReceiveSize                 : 100MB
MaxRecipientEnvelopeLimit      : unlimited
MaxSendSize                    : 100MB

I am also running Forefront for Exchange Server, and have made mofications there as well to 100MB.  It is also somewhat strange that "message size 11021538 exceeds size limit 10485760 of server" statement seems to have no bearing on the actual message size, which is actually around 7.7MB.

Exchange 2007 seems to have far too many wasy to modify attachment settings; my Postfix gateway provides a far simpler single line setting to make the modification.

hunglikethor -> RE: attachment frustration (15.Apr.2007 6:22:09 PM)

I cannot send large file attachments either.  This is a VERY FRUSTRATING program!!!

hunglikethor -> RE: attachment frustration (16.Apr.2007 3:42:39 AM)


There lied the solution.  Yet another attachment setting, the SMTP Receive connector, needed to be adjusted via adsiedit.msc

This leaves the count at 4 places where one must make changes in attachment settings for them to have an effect.

witherslack -> RE: attachment frustration (18.May2007 11:58:36 AM)

Ok I have exactly the same issue, I can now send large attachments but still can't receive them, my receive connector is set to 30Mb, my mailbox setting is set to 30Mb,  and my global limits are set to 30MB, still can't receive anything over 10Mb, would you mind giving me your exact settings for all of these and anything I have missed, as you mentioned 4 places I only seem to be dealing with three.

It would be great this problem is driving me mad.


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