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Chancellors -> Uninstall Exchange 2000 (19.Apr.2007 11:53:23 AM)

I am trying to uninstall exchange 2000 but I am getting the error that there are still users mailboxes on the mailbox store and to move them or disable them. Looking through exchange system manager the only mailboxes I have are:

System Attendant
System Mailbox

Any help would be great

mhulst -> RE: Uninstall Exchange 2000 (10.May2007 2:42:40 AM)

Sometimes Active Directory contains users with corrupted Exchange attributes. Try a query in Active Directory (enable Advanced Features for the action later on). Go to the Advanced tab and select field: Exchange Home Server ends with SERVERNAME. Select all users returned from the query and do a right-click > Exchange Tasks > Remove Exchange attributes.
Let Active Directory replicate to other DCs on site for about half an hour.
You should be able to uninstall Exchange 2000 after this.
Good luck!

bibomaria -> RE: Uninstall Exchange 2000 (9.Aug.2010 1:56:05 AM)

Hi !

When you try to remove Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 2003 from a mailbox server in an Exchange organization, you receive the  error message.This problem may occur if a user account in the Active Directory directory service has the affected mailbox server listed on the msExchHomeServer attribute. you can also use a software to resolve these problems. you can find such a software at::  www.edbrecovery.net

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