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felipeg007 -> WARNING: The server administrator (20.Apr.2007 6:03:10 PM)

WARNING: The server administrator domain.com/Computers/EXCHnode02' is not
a member of the Exchange view-only administrators.

I am getting this message for my node 2 of my  CCR clsuter. Anyone know how i can add this server to Exchange view-only administrators


wiredsolaris -> RE: WARNING: The server administrator (23.Oct.2007 12:48:14 AM)

Not an issue.
Server administrators need to be part of the view-only administrator group to have access to global configuration rights. What you are seeing is a warning if the shell finds someone that has full control over a server object, but is not in the view-only group.

If you grant a machine account full control on a server object,
get-ExchangeAdministrator  will think of it as a server administrator and return it in the list of Exchange Administrators. However since the  machine account is not in the view-only group, the warning that you mentioned is given. This warning is informational and can be ignored for machine accounts.  You will always see this for the passive node of a CCR Cluster as well.


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