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hhth -> Cannot Add Hub Transport Role (21.Apr.2007 7:19:12 AM)


When adding the transport role to a member server W2K3x64(SP2) mailbox server I am getting the following error:

[21/04/2007 12:44:33] [1] [ERROR] Setup cannot use domain controller 'server.domain' because an override is set in the registry. Run Setup again, and specify '/DomainController:'.

I have tried both via gui and commandline (specifying a dc) with same resluts. Any ideas welcome.

I have another server that has the hub-transport\cas roles.

hhth -> RE: Cannot Add Hub Transport Role (10.Jun.2007 2:06:00 AM)

Solved. Renamed the following in the registry to add role:



XInstance0  (can be renmaed to anything really)

baypink -> RE: Cannot Add Hub Transport Role (13.Jun.2007 7:27:33 AM)

it's works...
thank you.

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