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Mondeo -> OWA Wont accept username/password (1.May2007 3:49:45 PM)

I have OWA and about 60 users, everyone can use it fine using their domain account.

I have 1 user with a laptop who accesses the internet with an Orange GPRS data card. He can access the net no problem however when trying to access OWA he gets the logon prompt however it will not accept his username and password, the box just reappears each time.

He can access the account fine on a different machine over a broadband connection.



jassyca -> RE: OWA Wont accept username/password (9.May2007 12:59:43 PM)

Sorry, I have absolutely no idea what a "Orange GPRS data card" might be. (A quick Google search seems to suggest it has something to do with web browsing from a mobile phone but you said this was a laptop.) That said, I do know that OWA needs to set a cookie and it also needs to use java-script. If he's configured his browser to not allow either of those, he's not gonna get logged in no matter what.

Hope that helps.

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