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BallackCheng -> Mailbox store size limit issue (9.May2007 4:21:36 AM)

Hi all,

I am currently using sbs 2003 with exchange 2003 sp2 (may be is still in sp1). The problem is the mailbox store is exceed 20 gb. Mailbox.stm is 10.0gb and mailbox.edb is 11.0gb. I can see a lot of *.log file that total up to 6.07 gb. These log files were created since february, this year.

Although I did have exchange backup daily, it doesn't seems pursing the log files away. What can I do to solve the problem?

SBS 2003 is in standard edition. It seems not able to create 2nd mailbox store.

Thanks for suggestion! 

uemurad -> RE: Mailbox store size limit issue (9.May2007 10:40:54 AM)

What backup software are you using, and what type of backup(s) are you running?
Exchange-aware software (e.g. NTbackup, BackupExec, etc.) purges committed transactional logs after performing a full or incremental Information Store backup.

If you are doing this, you should check your System and Application logs for events during the time interval the backup is running.

BallackCheng -> RE: Mailbox store size limit issue (9.May2007 11:31:53 AM)


I am using backup exec. By the way, what is the size limit for Exchange 2003 in SBS 2003 sp2 OR sbs 2003 sp1?


uemurad -> RE: Mailbox store size limit issue (9.May2007 11:39:16 AM)

It depends upon the version of Exchange you have on your SBS server.  If it is Exch 2003 SP1, then the limit is 16GB.  If you have Exch 2003 SP2, then it defaults to 18GB, but you can edit the registry to have it as high as 75GB.

Please read:

If you're not sure which version you have, open the Exchange System Manager (ESM), and find the folder named Servers.  Click on it in the left pane, and the right pane will display the Server Version.

What type of backup are you performing?  A Full or Incremental of the Information Store?

BallackCheng -> RE: Mailbox store size limit issue (10.May2007 12:45:37 PM)

Hi Uemurad,

I managed to purse the log files by running ntbackup. At first, I thought using 3rd party backup software such as symantec backup exec managed to purse the log files, but actually it didn't.

I am using Exchange 2003 SP2. I managed to increase size limit to 45 GB by using the method that you show.

Thank you very much!

uemurad -> RE: Mailbox store size limit issue (10.May2007 12:57:45 PM)

Symantec BackupExec will purge the log files under the following conditions:
1.  You have the Exchange add-in option installed (it's an additional license)
2.  You perform a Full or Incremental backup (it notes it will flush the committed logs in the Exchange settings) of the Information Store.

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