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rcrawford@scci.com -> OWA Problems (10.May2007 7:45:11 AM)

I have a client who just did a transition from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 and when they try to go to their OWA Site they get a Service Unavailible Error on the page. I have been over the site and nothing is really glaring out at me on what it is. Anyone with any ideas what I need to look at? I have been in IIS and looked at permissions on the pieces but again not seeing anything that looks out of place. Thanks for any help.

Roger crawford

jheckman -> RE: OWA Problems (10.May2007 8:38:36 AM)

Is this for all the users or just a select few .. I was having the issue and found and article that told me to check the AD permissions on the users. Go into the security tab and under advanced, make sure there is a checkbox in the inherent permissions from parent ..

if this doesn't help , at what point is OWA failing , are you getting the splash screen with the timezone settings ?

BeTaCam -> RE: OWA Problems (10.May2007 8:44:41 AM)

Do you observe any errors pertaining to ISAPI in the event logs ?

rcrawford@scci.com -> RE: OWA Problems (10.May2007 9:20:24 AM)

I am seeing W3SVC errors from the System log that the MSExchangeAppPool is automatically being disabled due to failures of proccesses. Event ID 1002 also seeing A Process serving application pool MSExchangeAppPool reported a failure process ID 5124, 2346, 4492, 4472 and 4828 but when I see this error for the Service Unavailible is when I type in the URL to the web browser and then try to go to the site.

Also am seeing in Application log W3SVC-WP Errors "Could not load all filters for ISAPI for sites/services Therefore Startup Aborted"

jheckman -> RE: OWA Problems (10.May2007 9:28:52 AM)

I assume active server pages and asp.net is allowed under you web server extenions (IIS)

rcrawford@scci.com -> RE: OWA Problems (10.May2007 9:37:42 AM)

yes they are

rcrawford@scci.com -> RE: OWA Problems (10.May2007 9:51:23 AM)

Ok I corrected the problem using KB 894435 and doing the piece that refers to 64 bit only

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