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XP_2600 -> Weird scenario (15.May2007 5:40:36 AM)

Hi there, i want to ask about your opinion about something if its possible to be done or not, well we have an exchange server in Egypt this server is working inside our domain, even if we are connected to the internet via ISA server, using a static IP in ISA external interface, but we dont have domain name assigned, and we have the same structure in the other branch in Saudia, with another exchange lets say Egypt exchange server called EgExch, and Saudia one called SaExch, the eg have its own domain and Saudia have its own domain, and have a real ip and so on, again same invironments has been exist in the two sites, what i need to do is someway to identify the exchange from one site to other site, so i can send from Eg to anyone@saudia site and from Saudia people can send to anyone @egypt site, is that possible to be done without trustship between the two Active directory domains? or without making both of domains memebers in the same forest ? please help me cause im lost.

farisnt -> RE: Weird scenario (15.May2007 8:29:12 AM)

hi XP_2600
First of All I Never do such this Sinario .. if there is any one can help them that will be fine

There is some tricks to work around it and I Hope they can help
You will need to publish your Exchange Server using ISA so ISA can recive the request and forward them to the Local Exchange

in your site .. create a New DNS Zone named as the same as of the domain in the soudia and in the other site do the same thing in dns and make the zone named as the same as of the egypt network
and in each one create (A) and MX Record that Point to the ISA Server ( as its acting as Front End)
and as you have a Real IP and the service MUUUSSSTTTT be fine ..I mean the internet Service This should work fine ..
after this
Open the Nslookup and set the type to MX using
Set type=MX
and type the FQDN for the other domain
You Must get an answer with the IP YOU type in the DNS
try to send an Email
A very good tool that can help you in finding if any error happend is the SMTPDiag  that can be downloaded from Microsoft

This is Long Way and may have some problem
but its the only way as I understand the sinario without need to trustrelation ship or changing your forset
But why not using the Trust relationship .. it has been made to make things easier
There is another way but need some money

Contact your ISP and tell them to make a A record that point to your (Front END Exchange ) (OR PUBLISHED BY ISA)
and if you want it for free you can have some DDNS site like and

and if you dont even want to publish the exchange you can buy 2 website 1 for each site
then Each mail going to either site go to the website and another software (POP3 Connector) download the Emails and send them locally
I hope this help

Thanks for reading all this

XP_2600 -> RE: Weird scenario (16.May2007 2:06:43 AM)

Can i use hosts file record instead of DNS?, is there any sepcial configuration i need to put for exchange to allow sending to other domain names ? i remember i was able to do it, but now i cannot send for instance to my mail, even if the network is configured right and i can ping.

farisnt -> RE: Weird scenario (16.May2007 8:14:04 AM)

Why to use the Hosts File record insted of DNS
You have a DNS that work Fine ..
the hosts file is a Super MiniDNS
and you can not create an MX record using the hosts
and what about sending to other Domains
you neeeeeed it for sure
you MUST create a SMTP Connectors that relay to a Smart Host ( Depend on your ISP )
Go here
Administative Group--> Routing Group --> First Routing Group --> Connectors --> There should be an SMTP Connector If there was no SMTP Connector then you have to Right Click on the connectors Folder and slect New -->SMTP Connectors...
type any Name in the Name (e.g Outmail)
and Press ADD and add your Server to this SMTP
Click on the Address Space TAB and then ADD select SMTP and then Leave this as it and press OK...OK
You will notice that there will be a new SMTP connectors that will appeare holding the name you select
and you will be able to send Emails to any DOMAIN

XP_2600 -> RE: Weird scenario (23.May2007 1:49:09 PM)

Thanks to ALLAH, the scenario worked as expected, thanks farisnt so much for your help, i think without your help i was going to work for a so long time without figuring out the exact scenario, thanks again man.

XP_2600 -> RE: Weird scenario (27.May2007 3:15:15 AM)

Now i need to something to complete it, is there anyway to make each contact list appear in the other side ? something like each site have there own contact list and the other site contact list and they choose between them ?

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