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ashoksty -> Server side auto-reply (21.May2007 1:00:59 AM)

Hi all,

I want to send an auto-reply for one of my users' inbound messages as he expired and he was a prime mover in the organization. Is there some way I can send an auto-reply (some text) to senders intimating this. Also I want to forward these messages to some other employee.

I've used OWA feature of 'out of office assistant (OOA)', but that's not helping me with the senders from outside domains. For inside domain senders also it works only once, the first time.

Please give me some idea if I can enable these 2 things on my expired employees mail box.

Best regards

ashoksty -> RE: Server side auto-reply (21.May2007 1:46:08 AM)

Hi all

I have just found an answer myself and I like to share it with others who are in same matter like me, here is the document to go thru to enable auto-reply on server side.

Best regards
Ashok Setty

uemurad -> RE: Server side auto-reply (21.May2007 2:01:01 AM)

What you want to do is set up a server-side rule in Outlook.

How to create a server-side rule to automatically reply with a specific message in Outlook 2000

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