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stevenj -> Adding a Disclaimer HTML (24.May2007 10:34:09 AM)

Disclaimers are easy to add using a transport rule, which is great.  But so far I've only managed to get plain text in them.  Is there a way you can add html?  All I want to happen is my company website to appear as a clickable link in the disclaimer like this!
Anyone got any info on this, I'd be grateful...

untalented -> RE: Adding a Disclaimer HTML (10.Jun.2008 1:49:38 PM)

I wanted to put in smart text and stuff like this and ran into dead ends. The only solutions I found were to use third party apps to create the disclaimers. These apps are pretty cool though as you can remove everyones signature and create a standard one that automatically puts your company's info, their name from AD, and etc.

Hope this helps.

yeowow -> RE: Adding a Disclaimer HTML (16.Oct.2008 12:44:49 AM)

We're starting to have the request come in that needs this type of functionality - what application did you end up going with? And how do you find it?

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