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BeansDad -> Information Store Auto-Start Failure (24.May2007 11:51:33 AM)


I have a few clients with SBS 2003 all up to current service pack levels. The strange thing that is happening is: The information store is not auto-starting with the server, if you go in after the server boots, the information store starts without any problem.

Hopefully someone here has had the same issue, and can lend a helping hand.

Thank you in advance for any insight.

uemurad -> RE: Information Store Auto-Start Failure (24.May2007 11:56:09 AM)

Confirm that the service is set to Automatically start.
Are you seeing the service start attempt in the System Event log?  Are you seeing any errors or warnings associated with this service?

BeansDad -> RE: Information Store Auto-Start Failure (24.May2007 12:10:45 PM)

Thank you for the response, yes the service is set to auto-start and I checked all of the info. included in the Microsoft support log #KB285116. I do get the infamous message on boot that at least one service failed to start, but naturally nothing in the log files correlates to a service not starting. The really strange part of this problem, is it seemed to spread through my client servers over the past two months. First one had the prblem, then two, then three and now four have the same issue.

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