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derek.sparks -> Exch 07 and Windows Mobile 5 (29.May2007 2:56:01 PM)

Hello all,

I have a concern regarding my planned migration from E2003 to E2007 and how that move affects the mobile users in my company.  It is a small office (30 mailboxes). I have one E2003 server and a separate server for 2007.  I haven't installed 2007 yet as I want to get all of the issues ironed out.  My issue is this:  I have approx 15 employees using WIndows Mobile 5 and two (the owner and his wife) (of course) using Mobile 2003.  As I understand it, E2007 does not support AUTD v1, but will those two users still be able to check their email if I leave their devices pointed at the old server?  And will they work if I point them at the new server, but set the devices to check their inbox every 5 minutes versus 'notify on new email'. 
Honestly, the process seems a bit scary and am glad I have Henriks book for a guide.

Thanks in advance,

Henrik Walther -> RE: Exch 07 and Windows Mobile 5 (31.May2007 4:24:31 PM)

The two legacy devices will work until you move their respective mailboxes to Exchange 2007. As soon as the mailboxes have been moved the Exchange 2007 server, you should make sure you assign an Exchange 2007 EAS policy to the users.

In this specific situation I would create a separate EAS policy for these two users, where the "Allow non-provisionable devices" then would be enabled.

But perhaps it's time to show them a new cool Windows Mobile 6.0 device? [;)]

derek.sparks -> RE: Exch 07 and Windows Mobile 5 (31.May2007 4:38:54 PM)

Henrik: Thanks for the info.  I certainly would love to trash their old Siemens SX66 devices, but the boss isn't much for change unless something breaks.  Besides, ATTingular doesn't have many WM6 phones yet.  They seem to be very slow about it.



Henrik Walther -> RE: Exch 07 and Windows Mobile 5 (31.May2007 4:51:52 PM)

Oh I see...

Actually I though most mobile providers had the HTC Vox now, a device I highly can recommend.

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