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TCheck -> Connection Died. (#4.4.2) (1.Jun.2007 11:43:57 AM)

Hello Experts;

Last week we had a power outage for over 4 hours, which downed our servers and firewall.  I had to re-set the firewall to an original configuration.  Since then, a couple of people have informed me that some email is not coming through.  I am sure that 90% of email is making it through, but 10% is not. 
The senders that are geting NDR messages, are getting the following;

Connected to 64.122.XXX.XXX but connection died. (#4.4.2)
I am not sure if this is because of the firewall or what.  Nothing has changed on the server.

Thanks again for any help offered.

uemurad -> RE: Connection Died. (#4.4.2) (1.Jun.2007 11:46:57 AM)


Connected to 64.122.XXX.XXX but connection died. (#4.4.2)
Is that address your Exchange server, or some other system that fields the mail in front of Exchange?  If that is your Exchange server, have you looked at your SMTP logs to see if it offers additional information about what is happening?

TCheck -> RE: Connection Died. (#4.4.2) (1.Jun.2007 11:54:15 AM)

Thanks again for your help.

The IP address is our IP.  I did not have the SMTP logs enabled.  Should I enable them?

uemurad -> RE: Connection Died. (#4.4.2) (1.Jun.2007 12:01:06 PM)


Should I enable them?
You may want to even if it's just long enough to sort the problem out.  Is there any consistency to the messages that fail?  For example, do messages from a particular domain always fail?  It would make testing much easier.

TCheck -> RE: Connection Died. (#4.4.2) (1.Jun.2007 12:22:01 PM)

I have not found any consistency, and it has happened on 2 domain names (only sporadically) of the 5 that the Exchange server hosts.  And as far as I know.

TCheck -> RE: Connection Died. (#4.4.2) (1.Jun.2007 12:25:05 PM)

The logs are starting to come in, is there any thing that I am looking for?

Here is a sample of what is coming in;

15:58:11 RCPT - 0
15:58:11 - - 0
15:58:11 QUIT - 0
15:58:11 - - 0
15:58:11 RSET - 0
15:58:12 - - 0
15:58:12 - - 0
15:58:12 RSET - 0
15:58:12 - - 0
15:58:12 QUIT - 0

uemurad -> RE: Connection Died. (#4.4.2) (1.Jun.2007 1:40:26 PM)

Not sure what your SMTP log is reporting.  Those "zeroes" are troubling if they are reporting the return code issued by your server.  Please read through this article.  Some of the additional fields can be useful in troubleshooting.

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