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aguirrsi -> Mobile Messaging Exchange 2003 FE & BE setup (4.Jun.2007 5:02:42 PM)

I am trying to deploy windows mobile messaging.  Currently I have a front end back end setup with Exchange 2003 R2 SP2 on each box.  I've got OWA working with SSL, however, everytime I try and do an OTA sync for a handheld running WM5.0 with the security update I get an error on the device "Support Code:0x85010004"  I can't seem to find anything that will fix the issue.  I found a lot of post for MSKB 817379, however that article say to use a front end server which I am already using?  I have one other piece of info that I'm not sure is relevent or not.  My exchange servers are part of an exchange forrest.  The root of the forrest is still running Exchange 2000.  Is that going to cause a problem?

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ismail.mohammed -> RE: Mobile Messaging Exchange 2003 FE & BE setup (7.Jun.2007 2:32:44 PM)


My first basic step would be running expba tool on both the servers.
you can try the below step if you are not able to resolve by expba tool
Change the setting to Basic + Integrated on exchange Virtual directory in IIS
Unchecked Anonymous authentication on the back-end server and tested ActiveSync.

aguirrsi -> RE: Mobile Messaging Exchange 2003 FE & BE setup (7.Jun.2007 3:32:56 PM)

Thanks for the reply.  I ended up call Microsoft and they found my problem rather quickly.  It turns out I had my security setup incorrectly on the backend server.  While doing my digging and trouble shooting I focused on the front end and didn't even think it could have been the back end causing the problem.  Again thanks.

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