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mabro -> No Free/Busy information could be retrieved (6.Jun.2007 11:32:37 PM)

I have a single Exchange 2003 server enterprise sp1 (which is 2nd DC of 2003 AD). When Outlook users (with native Exchange account connections) create meeting appointments, they are unable to view the free/busy status of the attendees.  A message "No free/busy information could be retrieved" shows when they click on hash covering the attendees days.  The users have no special privileges to the attendee mailboxes. 
How do I allow users to see each others free/busy without giving them permission access to details on the other attendees calendars?
In web searches, I have seen this type question floated many times but responses always talk about Calendar Connector to some other systems such as Notes.  However this is solely and Exchange system with Exchange/Outlook users.
thanks for your time

uemurad -> RE: No Free/Busy information could be retrieved (7.Jun.2007 11:11:02 AM)

In Outlook, open Tools-->Options-->Calendar Options-->Free/Busy Options.
How many months of data are you publishing, and how often?

Also, are you running Outlook in cache mode?  Free/Busy information is stored on the server and cannot be cached.  Make sure Outlook is "Connected" and not "Offline".  Try running Outlook in non-cache mode to see if that changes what you see.

mabro -> RE: No Free/Busy information could be retrieved (8.Jun.2007 12:15:32 AM)

You said the key words "cache mode".  Now testing with non-cache mode I can see the calendar items.  It definitely appears that it works when the attendee is in non-cache mode AND the viewer is in non-cache mode.
The Exchange side has not been fiddled with so it is in stock-standard mode, so the issue is the Outlook client end cacheing. 

So problem solved!


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