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andreaskar -> SOS.. Problem with receiving emails (8.Jun.2007 4:53:46 PM)

I need help as soon as possible....
I have a coexistence senario with a EX2003 and EX2007. Also I'm using MXtreme BorderWare  for antispam protection. The problem is that I had the settings and everything and it was working fine. The EX2007  and  EX2003 users could receive emails  Today I don't know why (maybe one of the other administrators changed something) EX2003 users can receive emails but EX2007 cannot get anything. The error that I'm getting when I'm trying from my ISP's email account is that "USER UNKNOWN". Also I'm sure that nothing was changed from MXtreme Borderware. What do you think is the problem?

Thank you !

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