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cybo -> Nokia E61 calendar sync fails on Exchange 2007 (17.Jun.2007 9:39:34 AM)

I have a Nokia E61. It has "Mail for Exchange" (Nokia software) and Roadsync installed on it. There is no problem with sending and receving email. Also no problem with sending a new calendar entry from the phone to exchange server. But when I put a new entry in the Calendar either through OWA or the Outlook 20007 client and then sync. the mobile, I immediately get an error email saying this:   Synchronization with your IMEI356211001021040 failed for 1 items. Microsoft Exchange was unable to send the following items to your mobile device. These items have not been deleted. You should be able to access them using either Outlook or Outlook Web Access.
Item Folder:
Item Type:
Item Created:
15.06.2007 20:37:30
Item Subject:
test 3
  I get this error when I use "Mail For Exchange" When I use Roadsync, I get "Server ERROR : 501" and 0x7370d06 (ActiveSyncErrMissingHTTPResponse). ( I am still waiting an reply from them for this error )   I have no ISA Server or any other Firewall in place. The only security check is port forwarding on the ADSL modem. All outgoing traffic is allowed. (It will be more secure later :) )
The server is just setup and no extra security changes have been done. SSL is also not used and disabled on IIS for Microsoft-Server-Activesync. The OS is a Windows 2003 Standard and Exchange 2007 server on it.
  Might there be something that has to be done through the "Exchange Management Shell" ?


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