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Sorry, I have just realised that this is in the wrong exchange group.

when sending e-mails using outlook 2003, most peoples e-mails when sending
currently are held in the Outbox for a short period of time
before being sent.  This has not always happened.  Please
investigate to see if a setting or something has changed
on the server.  This is causing directors to complain.
The main issue here is that when a user sends an email it sits in the outbox until they click on the outbox and then it gets sent. increasingly more users are finding that there is a delay in the email leaving the outbox.
we setup a test email account on the domain at the users request and do a test from the customer site.
There are no host resolution issues here and emails do get sent. The issue is that when an email is sent it sits in the outbox but does not get sent until outlook does scheduled send/receive.
we have run through the suggested solutions here: (OL97 here but the principals are the same)
We tried what was suggested in the knowledge base, nothing seemed to changed.
You have to wait various amount of times for small messages  to disapear out of the outbox, however if you click on the outbox, the mails disapear straight away.
Also, for reference, I added my pc to the domain, and msg's sent were  delayed as similar to  the users.
Outlook 2003 is fully patched up.
but this has had no effect at all.
Tried switching on exchange cached mode in Outlook and then switching it off but this didn't work either.

while discussing the problem with the end user - I found that when i sent mails using an acount on their domain they left the mailbox immediately
tried this at the same time as the user (and using their DNS and WINS) and mine left immediately but his didn;t
Then I had him send an e-mail to MY domain account and it appeared in my Inbox while it still showing BOLD in his Outbox. This leads me to suspect that the e-mails are being sent, but the outbox STATUS is not being changed. When you click on the Outbox it refreshes the STATUS not the contents. (so it sounds like a non problem)
further to the above - when I then showed him how to use HTTP to connect to the Server (Outlook advanced connection option) the outbox refreshed immediately
Then when he changed it back - it all worked perfectly!
he trid this on a few p.c.'s and got back to me the following day
(and yes we're really confused about it)
I suspect it is simply a refresh issue on the outbox
he phoned to say that the e-mails were still being held

OWA works as it should - CORRECTLY

Can anyone offer any assistance on this please

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