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apograph -> SMTP Relay Server & VPN Server (25.Jun.2007 12:07:57 PM)

I have a working Exchange 2003 installation. What I want to do is to set up an SMTP Relay Server on a separate box which is currently acting as a VPN Server with 2 NIC's. One of which has a public class IP, and the other has a LAN IP address. The VPN is working fine and is on the IP address of Our Firewall is on the Public IP When I set up the Firewall (Smoothwall) to forward Port 25 to Exchange, private, everythng is OK with e-mail, however when I try to forward to the new box (VPN Server & SMTP Relay Server) IP, e-mail stops working. It's as though the Firewall cant see the LAN Side VPN Card even though I can ping it from Smoothwall. I have set up this configuration of Exchange and a seperate SMTP Relay before with no trouble, although I haven't set up an SMTP Relay on a Windows 2003 Server which us set up with Routing and Remote access to act as a VPN. The VPN's Public Card is connected directly to the Router which has NAT disabled, as I am using Smoothwall as a NAT/DHCP server. I hope this is enough information. Has anyone got any idea's ?

uemurad -> RE: SMTP Relay Server & VPN Server (25.Jun.2007 12:16:30 PM)

On the new box, what application or service is supposed to be accepting port 25 traffic?  If you telnet from the outside while Smoothwall points to the new server, how far into the SMTP communication can you get?

apograph -> RE: SMTP Relay Server & VPN Server (26.Jun.2007 6:08:47 AM)


Thank you for you quick response..

The new box has Microsoft SMTP installed as part of IIS. I have configured both Domains to accept e-mail and have configured the Smart Host option to forward e-mail received to the exchange Server, and have put the IP address in Brackets, as I have done in the past.

The e-mail isnt even getting to the SMTP Server. It as though for some reason because I have a VPN configuration on the Box, The system isn't allowing any traffic to be forwarded from the firewall to the LAN card on the Green Side. I cant even Remote Desktop into the Box directly through Port Forwarding from the Firewall, although I can Remote Desktop into the Box if I try from the Exchange Server, or another PC on the LAN.

I can Ping the SMTP Relay Box/VPN Box directly from the Firewall with no problems.

Hope this explains a little more clearly.

Thanks Again


uemurad -> RE: SMTP Relay Server & VPN Server (26.Jun.2007 11:25:06 AM)

What function and/or purpose will this relay serve?  I haven't used the SMTP service alone in that manner, so I'm wondering if there isn't another way to accomplish your goal.

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