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BallackCheng -> Change IP for FE Exchange server (26.Jun.2007 8:27:02 AM)

Hi all,

My exchange organisation consists of one FE and one BE exchange servers. FE exchange server is located at the DmZ zone, and BE located at internal segment.

Due to a change of Firewall, I have to change Ip for FE exchange server. How should I change the IP so that mail routing/proxying to BE exchange server is remain the same?

Thanks in advance! -> RE: Change IP for FE Exchange server (26.Jun.2007 1:27:55 PM)

First thing to say is that the FE shouldn't be in the DMZ.
Second thing is that the DMZ should be on its own network segment that should never need changing.
Changing the IP of any Exchange server is easy. Just change it and then do an ipconfig /registerdns.
Obviously you will have to change the firewall rules and any port forwarding but you haven't mentioned anything about that so I assume you can decide what you have to do yourself re dependencies.

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