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rakem -> Records Management Question (4.Jul.2007 8:58:21 PM)

    I have just finished reading the two guides provided from about Message Records Management.  They were a greta help but i have some questions.

Say for compliance reasons we need to keep everyones inbox emails for 1 year.  So i set up a managed custom folder called 'old inbox items' which grabs anthing from the inbox that is older than a month and sticks it in there.  If i need to keep all the emails in the 'old inbox items' custome folder for 1 year there doesnt seem to be a way to do that.  users can just delete items straight out of those folders, which means my compliance is shot. Would journaling be a better options for this?  My boss basically wants to be able to see all emails sent and received from anyone. 

Also is the mail that is contained in the managed customer fodlers actually stored in the same mailbox as the users other email?

felipeg007 -> RE: Records Management Question (8.Aug.2007 11:35:02 AM)

Will this method grab emails that have been permantly deleted before your nightly backup.  I am trying to do the same thing(capture all emails coming and going from my organization),  and from I read i think the only way to do it is Journalying.
Unless there is another way.

srasmus -> RE: Records Management Question (18.Oct.2007 2:10:46 PM)


Exchange Server 2007 does not support serious compliance issues if you want to want comply with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA og GLBA.

If you want compliance look at other products such as Zantaz EAS or Symantec Enterpise Vault.


joggie721 -> RE: Records Management Question (28.Oct.2007 3:14:09 PM)

As for as being complient there are legal issues involved and as an it guy the buck will stop with you, meaning that your are the guy that will be looked to and at during any legal situation that needs the records.  you can set up Journaling for any inbound outbound and internal traffic, best way to manage this is to create a new account and point it to this account.  The problem is that you personaly should not let anyone have access to edit.  which might mean you point this to a public folder and give your boss read access.  This is the Free way to go. you can then create pstfiles say a few gb in size and archive them off site or in storage, then clean out the mail box.  be sure you do not set size limits to the account.

There are many products that will "Archive" emails for compliance. I suggest something like GFI MailArchiver, which will place mails to database and uses a web interface to allow all users access to their own emails and also AD groups that you allow access to.  Meaning you can give your boss access but he could not do anything to the email.  The newest version coming out has an auditing feature that audits you so that you can't be held responsible for any data loss or be accused of tampering.

dtoney -> RE: Records Management Question (5.Nov.2007 10:30:01 AM)

Have any of you guys encountered a situation like this:
I need to have a managed folder that has a retention policy of 30 days, at the end of the 30 days, all of the mail that is in the folder needs to be moved to a folder under another mailbox.

We have one department that is responsible for ensuring that certain emails are archived. So the affected accounts will have the managed folder where they will put any messages that need to be archived, then when the 30 days hits, the messages will be moved to the archive department's folder for that the source account.

Any ideas??

rishishah -> RE: Records Management Question (13.Nov.2007 5:35:55 AM)

Have you thought of use Transport rules to move (or even copy) all mail from one mailbox to another mailbox as the mail arrives

victor.esterlit -> RE: Records Management Question (27.Mar.2008 10:29:02 AM)

Hi rakem, I just joined the forum, was looking around at topics that interest me, so this is a comment on the very old issue you brought up and hopefuly have resolved by now :) . In any case, I'm in alc. beverages industry which is a fun industry as you can imagine :) but we have lots of compliance issues (federal+different ones for each of the 50 states+US territories - you don't want to know! :) ). One issue that's painful is email compliance - retention, availability on demand of emails etc. So we struggled and struggled and totally overloaded our exchange srvr with old stuff, till we got Cryoserver email archiving appliance (made by british company; we got it via their US vendor PrimeViewUSA). It grabs all emails that go thru our email srvr and stores them, incl. all metadata (distr. lists etc.) which is mandatory for all comliance. And huge relief - we don't have to do backups of our exchange server anymore! Good luck.

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