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annenap -> Help in recovering data (9.Jul.2007 8:09:13 PM)

My name is Anne and I am MS Exchange ignorant <hi Anne!>.  I have the task of extracting all email data from an off-line Win 2000 server and importing it into Outlook.  After hours spent hacking into the server (user didn't have password), then searching endless files, I feel no closer than I did a week ago.  Am I correct that I need the EDB files?  I found some, but don't have a *clue* about what to do with them.

I also found a boat-load of *.log files if these are of any value.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Help in recovering data (10.Jul.2007 3:08:12 AM)


for having data in exchange you need .edb and .stm file and transaction log which are not committed in the database (.edb or .stm)

annenap -> RE: Help in recovering data (10.Jul.2007 7:54:04 AM)

Thanks, but what do I do with the edb and stm files?  The server is off-line and no longer on location.      

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Help in recovering data (10.Jul.2007 7:59:53 AM)

first of all where is user and his old data ?
When you said that old server is offline, what about the data like priv.edb and pub.edb of exchange 5.5 is it with you.

Could you please ellaborate what exactly you want to achieve it in much more details because before i could send you the action plan i need to re-check once again. Would appreciate if you illustrate it with an example

annenap -> RE: Help in recovering data (10.Jul.2007 10:36:50 AM)

Thank you *so* much for asking.  Here is the situation:

-Small office with three employees had Windows 2000 Server/MS Exchange that was used to host email (and not used for much else).

-Email was switched over to an internet hosting company and server was removed from the office.

-They are getting their new email from the Internet host fine

-They need their old emails which were on the server.  I thought that the old emails would be in a pst or ost file on their desktop, but I was very wrong.

-I have the actual machine off-site.  I had to hack into the Admin account because nobody in the office knew the p/w.  I think this actually screwed up the Admin account

-Lastly, I am toast!

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 8:46:57 AM)


Thanks for explaining this issue in depth..
Well for recovering the data we need to have good backup... Do we have any backup for those mailbox.

2) By any chance is it possible for you take the copy of the database from the offline server, if so then we can go for recovery server method.

annenap -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 4:23:57 PM)

There were backups done (weekend and daily).  That was where I started, but I think that the appropriate data wasn't backed up.  I restored the two most recent backup files and searched for EDB files.  It came up with several, but nothing that had been modified recently.  Maybe I am searching for the wrong thing. This is a screen print of what was in the backup files:

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 4:46:18 PM)

i can see priv1.edb and .stm but i guess it is the exchange 2003 database i guess.

I think that you need to restore the data from exchange 5.5 right.. what about that data. R u able to boot up the exchange 5.5 system or is there any hardware damage due to which you have lost complete data

annenap -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 5:13:41 PM)

I don't think Exchange 2003 was ever installed on this machine.  To the best of my knowledge, it it just 2000 (is that the same as 5.5?).  I didn't think that the priv1.edb and .stm were useful because the date on them is from May 2006. 

The machine boots sometimes, but I am sure that there is damage to the hard drive because often it won't.  Plus, I used to reset the Admin password.  I am afraid now that I can only log in as the local admin and not the domain admin.

I hope this isn't too confusing.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 5:18:18 PM)

Data is critical and at the same time we need it. Even if you get the offline data or if that hard disk is damaged then recover the data from third party tool. if we are able to get it. We can try to pull the exchange data with certain steps.
I know it is really hard time for you but need to get the data from that old server.

annenap -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 5:33:56 PM)

I don't know if you know the answer to this.  If I connect the server hard drive to my computer via a USB cable, can I get all the data I need or will it still be protected by admin rights?  If I can do that, I have to get a SCSI to USB cable (because that is one I don't have yet).

I am logged onto the server right now as Administrator, but I am afraid it is the local Admin, not the domain Admin. 

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 5:38:51 PM)

R u able to EXchsrvr folder especially MDBDATA folder...
Before we could try any step we need to offline copy of the day to any drive.

annenap -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 5:45:59 PM)

Yes, I am able to get into E:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA.  Does that have the emails, etc for all three users in it?

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 5:57:30 PM)

under that which are the files are u able to see

annenap -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 6:00:46 PM)

-.chk & .log (file fragments)
-96 E*****.log files
-res1 & res2 .log
-priv1.edb & .stm
-pub1.edb & .stm

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 6:17:51 PM)

i don't think so it is exchange 5.5 data....[:-]

Anyway i mailed you the action plan just check that one.
If you are able to priv.edb and pub.edb i hope we can make it out.
You can ask your respected abot the actual path of database if you are unclear.
Update me... if you get anything according to that i can help you to resolve the issue.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Help in recovering data (11.Jul.2007 6:31:00 PM)

i have sent another mail.

I think that u want to recover exchange 2000 server database right.
if that is the case then we can try it out with this...
if you are not able to understand my action pls ping me.

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