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sinnedam -> I have Exchange 2007 implementation questions. please help if possible (12.Jul.2007 1:21:25 PM)


I will try to make this as readable/concise as possible.

My company currently uses POP 3 accounts from our web host.

We want to move to Exchange 2007.

We already have a dedicated Windows 2003 server for this.

We have approximately 150 users on our network, and it looks like we have decided that Exchange 2007 standard is the way we want to go instead of Enterprise.

Here are my questions:

1. How does Exchange communicate email message to/from our local network to other recepients outside our network across the internet? I am assuming there is a way for us to let the rest of the world know who/where we are. Secondly, we wish to keep our address format of jobob@business.com like we have at our web host, but our local domain name is business.inc - so is this possible, or will we have to change our email addresses to jobob@business.inc? I want to make sure we are not relying on our web hosts POP capabilites at all, and I think thats what Exchange does...it does not utilize the web host at all. (correct or not?)

2. As far as backing up Exchange - What has to be/needs to be backup up, and what is the best practice/software/procedure for doing so?\

3. We need the ability to dissallow some of our users from mailing outiside the company. In other words, we only want certain people to have the privelage to email people on the public internet, and others to only be able to email other employee's of the company. Is this possible?

Thank you very much for any insight!

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