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RobertPBham -> LDAP entry for a public folder? (13.Jul.2007 2:09:34 PM)

Hi folks,

This may be a really odd question, but when you mail enable a public folder, does it create an ldap email address entry within Active Directory?

The reason I ask is quite important. Our email filter is set to reject any emails originating from the internet that are sent to our domain if they do not exist on the LDAP address list - this address list is compiled through Active Directory and works brilliantly.

However, I have just had to mail enable a public folder in Exchange so that externals users can email it - the problem is, the public folder is not in the LDAP list and is rejected by our mail server. I've found a listing for the public folder under Microsoft Exchange System Objects in Active Directory Users and Computers, but it doesn't seem right!?

Do public folders make a listing with Active Directory Users and computers that can be used to obtain the email address or is what I'm trying to do even possible with LDAP lists and our spam mail server configuration?

Thanks for your help

StevePearson -> RE: LDAP entry for a public folder? (7.Aug.2007 2:23:08 PM)

I'm having the same problem, but with an additional headache of multiple email aliases. How have you got round this? (My LDAP query only returns the primary address at the moment)
The public folders appear to have the same attributes but there must be something that stops LDAP accessing their information directly (just like you need to enable advanced features in ADUC before you can see them.)

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.

jchong -> RE: LDAP entry for a public folder? (8.Aug.2007 8:58:02 AM)

Mail enabled pfs are in the Microsoft Exchange System Objects in ADUC. Use the attribute proxyaddresses instead of mail which only gets the primary smtp address.

You can view your system objects "pf" objects in adsiedit.msc.

Go to start run type adsiedit.msc (part of windows server support tools on cd)
Expand Domain, and find microsoft exchange system objects, right click your pf and find attribute proxyaddresses.

Components of Public Folders in Exchange Server

James Chong (MVP)
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StevePearson -> RE: LDAP entry for a public folder? (8.Aug.2007 10:11:37 AM)

Thanks for the reply.
I am using the "proxyaddress" because this allows you to get the primary and any secondary addresses.
The public folders seem to have their class attribute set to "publicFolder".
I'm using a script that reads through the objects returned by a simple LDAP query (that looks at the root of AD), but this doesn't find anything with this class. It works fine if I change the query to look at the "Microsoft Exchange System Objects" level directly.

Am I missing something obvious in LDAP? (something that tell it to include 'special' or 'system' objects maybe?)

It must be possible to create a simple LDAP query the returns all email addressed from within AD (users, groups/distribution lists and public folders).


DanArseneau -> RE: LDAP entry for a public folder? (29.Aug.2007 2:54:27 PM)

Your query should look something like the following:


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