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Achilles -> Exchange Cluster Problem (14.Jul.2007 2:36:35 AM)

By mistake we had to clean up the cluster service from our Exchange server 2003 servers using the command line utility CLUSTER NODE NETBIOS NAME /FORCE and trying to find any way to restore the same cluster configuration on the Exchange servers.
My question: What Do You Do when the entire Microsoft Exchange Server/microsoft cluster server (mscs) configuration is irrevocably broken
and would it be possible to rebuild the cluster configuration with the same old configuration?
secondly: is there any way to restore the cluster configuration from the latest system state backup or does it work and how?

a.grogan -> RE: Exchange Cluster Problem (14.Jul.2007 6:59:42 AM)

Hiya, did you run the force command on one node or both?



Achilles -> RE: Exchange Cluster Problem (15.Jul.2007 5:06:34 AM)

We solved it by rebuilding the cluster with the same resources then installing exchange 2003 on both nodes...everything went well..

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