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damccall -> 550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit (19.Jul.2007 3:28:45 AM)

550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit  message size exceeds fixed maximum size for route

I have been trying to enable file attachments larger than 10MB to be sent and received on the Exchange 2007... I have searched for a complete answer to this problem without much luck. Perhaps there is someone who can help PLEASE!

Background this is the first exchange server in a mixed DC domain (W2K and W2K3 DCs) There has never been an exchange server in the domain I setup the E2K7 using the setup.com CLI.

Below are the current settings:

[PS] C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.MRC>get-receiveconnector | select identity,maxmessagesize

Identity                                                    MaxMessageSize
--------                                                    --------------
MRCTPV002\Default MRCTPV002                                 30MB
MRCTPV002\Client MRCTPV002                                  30MB
MRCTPV002\Recieve Connector (MRCTPV002)                     30MB

[PS] C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.MRC>Get-TransportConfig | fl max*

MaxDumpsterSizePerStorageGroup : 18MB
MaxDumpsterTime                : 7.00:00:00
MaxReceiveSize                 : 30MB
MaxRecipientEnvelopeLimit      : unlimited
MaxSendSize                    : 30MB

I have used ADSIEDIT  to edit Configuration->Services->Microsoft Exchange->Organization->Global Settings->Message Delivery (properties) Edit the values of DelivContLength and SubmissionContLength to required kilobyte size in integer, 30720.

I want messages up to 30MB to flow in and out of the system however after having done all of the above I still get the following message when the sent email is over 10MB

550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit  message size exceeds fixed maximum size for route

Can any one point me in the right direction PLEASE!

scavengr -> RE: 550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit (13.Aug.2007 12:11:21 PM)

Had a similar issue while increasing size at one of my clients.
Check your Send Connector:
Get-SendConnector | Select identity,MaxMessageSize
followed by increasing it's size:
Set-SendConnector -identity "Name" -MaxMessageSize: 30MB

Hope that helps

damccall -> RE: 550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit (13.Aug.2007 10:00:13 PM)

Yes that was the problem it is now fixed thanks

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