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bwest -> Unconnected mailbox (25.Jul.2007 12:15:27 PM)

I've inherited an Exchange 2003 installation.  I notice there's a mailbox that doesn't appear to match up with any users that I can find anywhere in the AD.  Is there some way to tell which AD user a given mailbox is supposedly associated with if you don't already know?


a.grogan -> RE: Unconnected mailbox (25.Jul.2007 3:10:40 PM)

Hiya, what is the name of the mailbox, does it have a red x through it?



ismail.mohammed -> RE: Unconnected mailbox (25.Jul.2007 3:57:26 PM)

grogan is right

go to mailbox store => right click it and do run cleanup agent. you will see all the mailboxes disconnected
if it so then you need to create a user and associate them back
if you hve users already existing then you can mailbox recovery center to associate them

bwest -> RE: Unconnected mailbox (25.Jul.2007 5:19:35 PM)

I "deleted" the mailbox, then reconnected it, and in the process discovered the account it had previously been associated with, an account whose login was "admin".  Thus the email address was admin@domain.com.  When I opened the mailbox via OWA, it appears to have collected copies of emails from everyone in the entire domain.  How could this have happened?  Is this supposed to happen?  If this is a rule somewhere, how do I turn it off? 

a.grogan -> RE: Unconnected mailbox (25.Jul.2007 5:36:24 PM)

Hiya mate, it sounds like this mailbox was used as a "journal" mailbox for the Database stores - you can check this in two places in the ESM.

Firstly go to <storage group>-><Database> and get the properties of the mail database. On the general tab you will see and option which is entitled "Archive All Messages....." this will contain an account (or perhaps since the account is now deleted it maybe blank).

If  this option is grayed out then the option has been set on a database policy and can be changed there.



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