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some_yahoo -> Community Area (25.Jul.2007 5:28:01 PM)

In the upper right, even after logged in, the board says, "Community Area - Login/Register".   This, along with the absence of the words, "Logged in as Some_Yahoo" makes it ambiguous as to my login status.

You should make it say "logged in as [NAME]" and also make the "Community Area - Login/Register" Change to "Members Area - Log Out"

Barbara Matysik Magro -> RE: Community Area (26.Jul.2007 6:00:28 AM)

Thank you for your suggestion. Please note that the area, which you mentioned "Community Area - Login/Register" is a part of the entire site navigation template and is supposed facilitate fast Forums access from any part of the site.
The Forums do have the "logged in as [NAME]" info - it is included in the top right corner of the Forums content area right under the Forums navigation menu.
When a user isn't logged in "Logged in as: Guest" appears in the same place.
Best Regards,

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