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adam33 -> Upgrade from EX2k3 to EX2k7 (29.Jul.2007 9:31:18 PM)

Hi Guys,
We have a Server 2003 machine with exchange 2003 installed on it, that is also the PDC on the network. I need to know if it is possible to copy across the exchange data from this server to another server with Exchange 2007 installed on it.

Any help is greatly appreciated

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Upgrade from EX2k3 to EX2k7 (30.Jul.2007 4:27:53 AM)

i don't think so..

if we have 5.5 and 2k3 we can do forklifting as it is the part of same organization and same administrative group (Note : forklifting is not a recommended one) but when there is no option sometime we need to carry out.

But when we talk about exchange 2007... i guess it will create it's own administratvie group and will sync with 2k3 administrative group.

For mounting the database Org and  administrative group name must be matched between the databasae and exchange application.

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