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christer100 -> Multi mailbox search? (30.Jul.2007 5:43:04 PM)

Does anybody know how to use the multi mailbox search feature? I found articles that talks about enabling and disabling, but I am confused where you actually search for messages in multiple mailboxes, is it in Outlook or on the server, where and how does it work?

srasmus -> RE: Multi mailbox search? (18.Oct.2007 2:16:40 PM)

I am sure that Microsoft will provide excellent documentation on this issue as well as any other issue referring to the Exchange Server 2007 product.


rishishah -> RE: Multi mailbox search? (13.Nov.2007 5:39:57 AM)

the way the search function works is to use the Export-Mailbox command via the PowerShell.

You can search via certain content and it goes across all mailboxes and dumps that mail that meets your criteria into the Admin mailbox.

Have a look at

victor.esterlit -> RE: Multi mailbox search? (27.Mar.2008 10:35:18 AM)

Hi, I just joined the forum, was looking around at topics that interest me, so this is a comment on the very old issue you brought up and hopefuly have resolved by now :) Anyway - what was the solution at the end? Thanks!

RichardPapke -> RE: Multi mailbox search? (22.Oct.2008 9:01:07 AM)

If it's still actual for you I can recommend you a tool called archive manager.

This solution captures all e-mail messaging allowing easily archiving and advanced searching (including attachment and content).
Archive manager supports ms exchange 2000, 2003 and 2007.

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