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ainee18 -> Firewall ports to be opened (30.Jul.2007 10:25:41 PM)

I am setting up and exchange for approx 10k users and at the moment and thinking of placing 2 x CAS/HUB with NLB at the DMZ with 4 active and 1 passive SCC Mailboxes in the internal office LAN. Is this a supported architecture and what is the ports that i have to open for OWA and RPC/HTTPS and MAPI ?

neilho -> RE: Firewall ports to be opened (31.Jul.2007 5:08:10 AM)

CAS is not supported in the DMZ.

Henrik Walther -> RE: Firewall ports to be opened (31.Jul.2007 2:05:04 PM)

No Exchange 2007 server roles except the Edge Transport server role are supported in the DMZ, so all of them should be deployed on the internal network.

Also bear in mind that although 2 x CAS/HT servers configured in a NLB works without a glitch, it won't be supported until Exchange 2007 SP1. This is even the case with port 25 disabled in the NLB configuration.

felipeg007 -> RE: Firewall ports to be opened (8.Aug.2007 11:22:10 AM)

I have setup NLB on webservers before. But how do I setup CAS/HUB within Exchange.  How does the Mailbox server know where to send traffic <-->.
Does it send it to the IP assigned to NLB.

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