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sherlock123 -> MS Exchange HELP (1.Aug.2007 5:03:37 PM)

"What would be the major issues with an Exchange implementation from an architectural and security perspective?"
My company is thinking of installing MS Exchange 2003, and my boss asked me this and I have a not so good idea on answering this!
Any help?

ismail.mohammed -> RE: MS Exchange HELP (2.Aug.2007 5:36:56 AM)


For this even i don't have better explaination...
If i want exchange 2003 as a new exchange implementation probably i know that it is my need and requirement which has to be installed. As a security prespective interms of exchange i will close my open relay option so that no one should use my exchange server for relaying purpose. i will check set my firewall only allowing respective ports which i need it by default. IMF for spam control i will use it.

I am not sure for what you are looking for if you explain it in much more detail we might get some documents

sherlock123 -> RE: MS Exchange HELP (2.Aug.2007 9:12:28 AM)

Is there an all in one guide or an exchange bible that you could recommend that will walk me through the entire process and sort of be a guide?


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