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bbarrett2868 -> Adding a second email address (2.Aug.2007 3:56:09 PM)

I had a someone in my office get married recently and had to change their login to the domain. We made in simply the first name as opposed to the firstname_lastname format to avoid any marriage problems again with this person. I deleted the old account from AD and exchange. I created the new account which recieved email just fine. I tried to add her old email address to her new account so she would continue to get messages from anyone that didn't have her new address. Everytime I send a test message I get an undeliverable response. I also notice that even though the old account had been deleted, it is still displaying in the global contact list, and the new account isn't there. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Adding a second email address (3.Aug.2007 1:44:48 AM)

i am assuming that when you are telling that deleting the account is nothing but account has been deleted and mailbox got disconnected.

Firstly i would like to see what is your recipient policy. i.e whether the email address should be stamped by login id or firstname.lastname.

When we create a account with new mailbox it will create based on RP only and it is quite usual ( i know you are aware[:D])

Once you create first try to send and receive email on her mailbox with defaul email address. If this is not working that means RUS is not able to stamp email address for new user. Need to troubleshoot on RUS.

If this one work then try to change the email address based on your requirement and replicate it fully. Then send a mail i guess you will receive ndr. take the ldp dump of this user and other good user compare it you might get some hint. Homemdbvalue and homemtavalue should point to the right exchange server. you check this option in the ldp dump only.

Please let us know if you have any query

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