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gwilder -> Need to restore distribution list (3.Aug.2007 3:35:33 PM)

Someone has deleted a distribution list from a contacts folder in our Public Folders and I need to restore this list. Server is Exchange 2003, client is Outlook 2003. Backups of the Exchange data are done via NTBackup on Win2k3 to the local disk and then the file system is backed up to tape. Small AD domain and this is the only Exchange server (not DC).
Can anyone help me?

hcxeadmin -> RE: Need to restore distribution list (5.Aug.2007 2:20:48 AM)

the easiest way is if you have third-party app like recovery manager for exchange (quest) or the one from ontrack.  you might be able to get the trial version to work for you temp.  But otherwise you can read this article cause you can't do an rsg...

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