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wedward -> annoying flash ads... (4.Aug.2007 1:57:49 AM)

Just an FYI - those "Break Free 3CX ads are rendering over the menus in Firefox - and are very annoying.  Haven't looked at it in IE.  It certainly makes the site useability go down a bit (have to zoom to very large fonts to force the Flash object up and over to the left - if I want to see the menu).  

Barbara Matysik Magro -> RE: annoying flash ads... (6.Aug.2007 10:04:35 AM)

Hi wedward,
Thanks for pointing this out. We always make sure that the site and Forums are equally usable in all major browsers i.e. we make sure that the layout is correct not only in IE but also in Firefox. Even though I am using Firefox at the moment I cannot see the problem you mentioned.
Could you please give us some more details i.e. what Firefox version are you using? Also could you please send me a screen shot showing this problem - I will send you a PM with the details.
Some more information should help us to figure out this problem.

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