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thongtom -> storage exeed limit and extension not work (8.Aug.2007 11:53:47 AM)

  I had a exchange 2000 database which had exceeded limit of 16Gb, I follow Microsoft knowledge base to extend it to 17Gb, but after mount it for 10 minute while I was trying to use Exmerge.exe to archive some mail message, it dismount again and event log give me the same old error - exceed storage limit. I suspect it had already more than 17gb.
Is there any other way to work around this problem? like deleting message or mailbox in a dismounted database.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: storage exeed limit and extension not work (9.Aug.2007 3:31:27 AM)

First thing...
If you want to keep this std edition then you can follow the below step
Stop the SMTP virtual server and smtp service (so that no mails should arrive)
=> Set the online defragmentation to always and check for the event id 1221 or else you can run esetuil /ms (calculating free space : note it will take long time)
=> If you are manage to get 4-5 gb or atleast 2 gb of free space then run eseutil /d for defragmentation.
=> take pst and pass the pst to the end user and associate it with mailbox and create rules to import the mail to pst only for all users.

Second option :
If you are plan to upgrade it to enterprise simple insert the cd and upgrade it. (this will utilise very less time)

If you are unable to run the above options and still you want to keep standard edtion then you can go for trial version on recovery server to take the pst and will mount the production serverr with the blank database.

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