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Zer0 G -> Offline Address Book (9.Aug.2007 4:25:01 PM)

Ok here is the problem I am currently trying to resolve.

I would like to work offline and see the address book.

I am using outlook 2007. From the client I select Tools -> Send/Receive->Download Offline Address Book. At that point I see the send/receive window pop up and perform its task.

I unplug or even switch the outlook client to work offline, I then open the address book, and do not see any information at all. No information about the offline address book etc. Can't select it from any menus etc.

I pressed Crtl+right clicked on the task bar icon, selected.

I made sure the Url's are all setup for https etc.. Its very frustrating to say the least when I receive no errors at all and yet am still unable to open or even find (for that matter0 the offline address book.

Thank you for any help you all can provide.

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