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stuarta -> 0x85010014 error (23.Aug.2007 4:19:00 AM)

I have a new XDA Trion on trial from 02 running WM6.

I've installed the certificate across and I had syncing working fine, but all of a sudden it's stopped with the dreaded 0x85010014 error.

It appears to connect and shows that is synchronizing folders, but then ends with the error.

stuarta -> RE: 0x85010014 error (23.Aug.2007 5:13:21 AM)

Ok, following on from this, I've just found out that if I hook my device via USB to my laptop, it syncs both the Windows PC and Exchange Server, but away from the cable and over the air, I get the same error.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: 0x85010014 error (23.Aug.2007 5:29:44 AM)


Through lan if it is working fine, and wireless is the one issue then probably you need to contact the ISP or wireless router vendor.

stuarta -> RE: 0x85010014 error (23.Aug.2007 5:37:37 AM)

Yep just using our mobile data tariff.  Wasn't sure if it connected any differently.

stuarta -> RE: 0x85010014 error (23.Aug.2007 5:50:52 AM)

Just tried accessing my https://mailserver/owa address from my handheld over the air and got a

Error Code: 401 Unauthorized.  The server requires authorization to fulfill the request.  Access to the Web server is denied.

OWA works ok from PC's though

ismail.mohammed -> RE: 0x85010014 error (23.Aug.2007 6:06:20 AM)

pls contact your mobile service provider who is giving the internet access

stuarta -> RE: 0x85010014 error (23.Aug.2007 6:18:28 AM)

I did try last night as well using my home wifi and this didn't work either

ismail.mohammed -> RE: 0x85010014 error (23.Aug.2007 6:38:18 AM)

see i can give u suggestion regarding exchange and activesync. But when you connect through lan it is working fine but when you are connecting it wireless it is not sync. so here either the mobile is not configured properly or ISP need to help out with some setting. First you get the reply from them and based on that we can analyze it in a better way.
I need to know how is your profile is authenitcated remotely i.e if you connect laptop from how it work => like ISA => exchange and if you do it from mobile how?
Even i need to check out few resources.

stuarta -> RE: 0x85010014 error (23.Aug.2007 11:09:05 AM)

Yes I have an ISA2006 box in place.  Internet all appears to be configured on the handheld as I can browse the net quite happily and also receive emails from my personal gmail account.

Bizarre as I would of thought that if it gets to the stage of Synchronizing folders, it's obviously connected, but still fails with the same error.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: 0x85010014 error (24.Aug.2007 3:37:42 AM)

Please check the below may be this migh help you





The last link is for microsfot mobile forum may be they can help you out...

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