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tmcquin -> Small scale archive solution (30.Aug.2007 9:41:16 AM)

I am looking for a small scale budget mail archiving solution for < 10 Exchange 2003/2007 mailboxes
Does anyone have a suggestion ?


warrenlee -> RE: Small scale archive solution (30.Aug.2007 9:51:31 AM)

In fact, what is your budget?

I suggest to use "Symantec Enterprise Vault" for email archiving.  It supports Exchange 2000/2003/2007.  It's easy for deployment by yourseft (Installation and configuration guide).  It's fully integrate with Exchange and Outlook.  It provides seamless Outlook and OWA experience to users.  Users are able to retrieve messages via Outlook or OWA.  It supports any NTFS devices to store archived messages.  Moreover, it supports File and SharePoint archiving.

tmcquin -> RE: Small scale archive solution (31.Aug.2007 8:15:51 AM)

Thanks I am familiar with EVS, what I am looking for is a non corporate solution, just something short term for a handful of mailboxes

a.grogan -> RE: Small scale archive solution (3.Sep.2007 12:08:12 PM)

Hiya Chap, GFI might offer something that might help.



rishishah -> RE: Small scale archive solution (16.Nov.2007 4:15:02 AM)

i agree GFI Mail Archiver v5 is cheap and very functional as Mail Archiving system. Dont forget to set retention policies on the exchange once you implement and test the Mail Archiving solution.

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