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matyhaty -> Exchange over HTTP RPC etc... Setup (4.Sep.2007 11:57:52 AM)

Hi All

I ve tried and tried, and used countless tutorials, including ones from here, and yet ive had no success. So maybe im doing something very silly. If anyone can help, id be very grateful.

Small company with several route users, so it made sense to have one email server (Windows 2003 SBS) for everyones emails, on a highspeed ADSL2 connection (15mb / 2mb) for all emails.

New install of Windows 2003 SBS, with Exchange. Setup a single user account, (username:pass) for testing, and a a pop connector. The emailing works lovely, when connecting normally when on the network. Outlook Web also works lovely.

So now came the tast of doing this all over the HTTP RPC Way.

The server is on a static ip. e.g.
The server name is TOSELAND
The domain is Future.local
Every port ever used by exchange is forwarded to TOSELAND ( inc 443, 3389, 80, 135 amounst others.

I followed the tutorials, on the server setup, making sure RPC over HTTP componenet is installed. Did various registry edits etc - as instructed. etc etc.

On the client, setup a Control Panel - Mail - Profile - pointing the exchange address at and the proxy also at

So things im not sure on
- the proxy address - is the ip address right?
- the certificate, read alot about it, but seems abit beyond me. Is it criticial?
- just also tried to do it locally over HTTP and that seems to have failed also
(exchange is toseland.future.local, same for proxy)

When i try remotly it wont 'check names' and fails there, the best ive had it at is that it prompts for username : pass but this never succeeds (nor does an event show on server) (username is Future\username)

Could someone help this useless hard trying newbie!! Thanks

baze7 -> RE: Exchange over HTTP RPC etc... Setup (4.Sep.2007 5:01:38 PM)

I just went through all this in my lab. I felt the biggest issue was the certificate.  But I did get it to work. Email me off line and I can see if I can help.


matyhaty -> RE: Exchange over HTTP RPC etc... Setup (5.Sep.2007 8:19:36 AM)

i will add i have followed this tutorial on this site

i guess some of my confusion is in the addressing

e.g. this is on a domain, london (machine name) . nwtraders.msft (domain)
whereas mine will be an ip address etc.

im not sure if this is the best example to follow...

any comments?

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