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peterrecz -> What are my options? (4.Sep.2007 9:38:07 PM)

We are mid-way through a rushed migration and have run into some unexpected problems with Entourage clients and certificiates.

When planning the migration we were hoping to have one central internet accessable address (https://webmail.company.com) hosted at site 1 which would cache connections to site 2. We purchased a standard SSL certificate and loaded it onto IIS in site 1. This solution works for webmail but when Entourage clients connect a warning message is shown that the certificate at site 2 is not trusted.

Given our current setup what options do we have to properly support Entourage (and down the track Outlook 2007) clients?

Current infrastructure -
Site 1
Exchange 2007 with CA/HT/M roles
Standard SSL certificate loaded on IIS

Site 2
Exchange 2007 with CA/HT/M roles

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