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Wkelley1979 -> Out of Office cannot be displayed (10.Sep.2007 6:11:04 AM)


We are using Exchange 2007 aith Outlook 2007. All of our external/WAN users are configured to use Outlook 2007 with an Exchnage Proxy server as our OWA site. All connects fine and mail is working perfectly. The issues that we have is when a user using this tries to put on thier OOF from within Outlook. They receive the Message Out of Office cannot be displayed. Server is unavailable. Even though they are connected and mail is flowing through. If the user actually goes to the OWA site using IE they can put on the Out of Office with out an issue. We also have a similar issue when trying to download the Offline Address Book however the error is slightly different with "Object not found Message"

We are really lost with this one, so any ideas or advice would be great!

jummy -> RE: Out of Office cannot be displayed (11.Sep.2007 6:28:59 AM)

Regarding your error, it is clear when OL2k7 wants to set OOF it tries to communicate with The Exchange Web Services, (EWS) virtual directory in IIS.
What happens is that your OL2k7 does not know the path to the EWS virtual directory in IIS so it queries the autodiscover service on E2K7 server. But as it is from the error message you are receiving, it is clear that the autodiscovery service is not properly configured. This should be correctly configured when using OL2K7 which will tend to find the autodiscover service either by query the AD or DNS

You can find resources below on the Overview of Autodiscovery:
Here are the cmdlets:
In addition, you can also try to remove anonymous authentication and configure integrated and basic authentication for EWS directory in IIS on the E2K7 server. Also stop and start IIS.

Concerning the synchroniztaion error, make sure the following are correct:

1. Make sure that you have added the replicas of OAB to the E2k7 server
2. Make sure public folder replication is working
3. Make sure the OAB is public folder enabled and you can have OAB v2, OABv3 and OAB v4 checked oof so your legacy client can download OAB files from the public folderstore
4. if you are using OL2K7 client, make sure your OAB is Web Distribution enabled and the OAB files have been replicated over to the Client Access Server. For more information on this process check this blog:

Please let me know the feedback.

Wkelley1979 -> RE: Out of Office cannot be displayed (13.Sep.2007 5:28:37 AM)

Hi, thanks for your advice. We had followed the links you provided but the autodiscovery was already set, after much digging we worked out that we had to publish the autodiscover.domainname.com/autodicover/autodiscover.xml file which would then allow clients to pick up the settings. It took a while to locate this information as this is not very clear from Microsoft.  We was going to work through using a static file on each laptop but would be a Support nightmare. We got round this by using redirects in ISA and setting a DNS entry in the host file for the laptop client. Finally it worked. It seems the autodiscover and Outlook anywhere is really based for ISP's rather than small business like ouselves! To actually have to publish the site is like saying to the Outside world "Hello we are using Exchnage, come and have a go"!!!

markmanson -> RE: Out of Office cannot be displayed (10.Dec.2015 2:33:59 AM)


Read the steps mentioned in this article to resolve the issue: http://www.what-is.in/howto/fix-your-out-of-office-settings-cannot-be-displayed.html

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