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onotoman -> Shared Calendar and Direct Push to Xda (26.Sep.2007 9:56:11 AM)

Dear all,
I wonder if someone could help?
My business partner and I have two exchange server mailboxes/calendars etc (remotely Hosted via Fasthosts) and have setup Push technology to our Xda phones - running Windows Mobile.
Currently we can send/receive e-mails to the Xdas from Exchange mailboxes - working great.
We can update our own personal calendar on the Xda and it synchronises with the Exchange Calendar and we can update the Exchange calendar via the web and on our office PCs and information is updated (pushed) to the Xda - working great.
What we really need is to share one calendar between both of us and send/receive data between both Xdas.
It seems that technology can't cope with this.  If we set up a Public Calendar and share this, we can't push this information to the Xdas.
Does anyone know of a way around this.  I've asked Fasthosts and they seem to be saying that current technology can't cope with this scenario.  I can't believe that there isn't some way to share a single exchange calendar and sent data to/from two Xdas.
The only suggestion was to synchronise the Xda via the PC, but this defeats the object of the whole solution.
For example what we'd really like is, I'm in a meeting somewhere and I update the Xda with an appointment, this synchronises the master calendar back in Exchange, then pushes the appointment update out to my partners Xda etc.  She looks at the calendar back at the office and the appointlment is in there, or via her Xda if she is out on the road and sees the appointment.
Seems pretty standard to me, but we are struggling to achieve this.
Any help greatly appreciated.

rishishah -> RE: Shared Calendar and Direct Push to Xda (12.Nov.2007 6:10:58 AM)

have you tried playing with the Outlook rule "Meeting Invitation or Update". I can see this rule in Outlook 2007 and i have an exchange 2007 server.

What this allows me to do is to forward a meeting invitation or update from one mailbox to another mailbox.

Maybe this could be one way to solve your particular issue.

Mashers -> RE: Shared Calendar and Direct Push to Xda (18.Mar.2008 10:46:01 AM)

Interesting one. Currently we run Exchange 2003 with mobile access and OWA working fine. We also have a Blackberry Server, but are gradually replacing Blackberries with Smartphones (WM6)connected to the Exchange Server. We will be migrating to Ex2007 during the next 6 months.

My problem, is that users have seen adverts by Blackberry, stating that you can use Blackberries to access other users calendars, and our users are starting to complain that the smarphones don't give that functionality.

Is there a way to set this up? Or is there a 3rd party tool that will do it?

Cheers, Mashers

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