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falkenmond -> Archive Systems (5.Oct.2007 3:22:46 AM)

Hi everybody,

i am relatively new to exchange in general and archive systems in particular.
Has anyone experience with exchange@pam and/or Symantec Enterprise Vault and can share his/her experiences with me?


pranavr_99 -> RE: Archive Systems (5.Oct.2007 9:16:21 AM)

We had impleted Symantech Enterprise valult to archive e-mails of exchange.Its good system, saves alo of spase on exchange. there are some -tive points as it takes log time to bakcup as sise of vault incereses.  Some time you may face slow response from eschange server. Most Imp. mails archived on symatech enterprise vault ver. 6.0 cannot be open from Enterprise vault 7.0 & vic-varsa. also u cannot attatch archived mail . but overall performanec  is good. If u have any quires  i'll try to resolve it.

(IT Officer)

Jesper Bernle -> RE: Archive Systems (20.Oct.2007 1:24:44 PM)


ORIGINAL: pranavr_99


also u cannot attatch archived mail .

Couldnīt you just retrevive your mail from the archive by clicking on it and then attach it in another message? A pain yes but it should work for the relative few times one does this (at least I rearly do this). [;)]

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