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Loki -> Unauthorized to view page (16.Oct.2007 9:27:40 AM)


I have the following problem and hope that some one of you guys could help me with this:

We installed Exchange 2007 and are running a pilot for some users in our Exchange environment.

I have 2 users who are both moved to the same store on an Exchange Server 2007 machine (CCR).
When the users try to access each others mailbox with the normal outlook client (outlook 2003) this works fine.

When the same users try to access the mailbox from the other user trough outlook web access (2007 NLB Cluster) this wont work and i get the message: you are not authorized to open this mailbox.

If this would be an permissions issue i guess the user won't be able to open the mailbox with the normal client either, but this isn't the case.

Thanks in advance [:)]

sorry, this message was posted in the wrong forum . . .  

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